World’s largest civilian hospital ship is calling at Rotterdam

From February 28 to March 14, the world’s largest hospital ship, the Global Mercy, will be in Rotterdam. A momentous event for Stena RoRo who, on behalf of the charity Mercy Ships, has been the project manager for the ship’s construction since 2013. 

During her weeks in Rotterdam, the newly built ship will be open to visitors. Private individuals, organizations, partners, donors, volunteers and the media are welcome to visit the ship while she is being outfitted in Rotterdam for its vital mission in West Africa.

From February 28 to March 14, completion of the newly built Global Mercy – the world’s largest civilian hospital ship – will be celebrated and she will be open for tours. Stena RoRo has been responsible for the design, contractual arrangements and site supervision of this very special marine construction project.

Hospital activities to be carried out on board entail specific requirements that influence everything from the design and layout of the hull to ventilation and other technical solutions. The ship houses operating rooms and hospital wards, a lab, eye clinic, dental clinic, training facilities and all that is needed both for in-patient care and those working on board, including schools and nursery schools for the crew’s children. 

The Global Mercy is rated for passenger service and, when in port, can accommodate 950 people including a crew of 641.

“When we were commissioned to build the Global Mercy, we began with an existing concept for passenger ships and freight for long-distance international RoPax service,” says Per Westling, managing director for Stena RoRo. “We designed her as a pure passenger ship with hospital services instead. The car deck has been replaced by operating rooms and hospital wards.”

To meet the special challenges, Stena RoRo created a global project with subcontractors from around the world. Construction was carried out at the Tianjin Xingang shipyard in northern China where Stena RoRo has had an international team on site for monitoring the construction process.

“It was the first time the shipyard had built this type of ship and we wanted to carefully monitor the process. We are very pleased with the collaboration we’ve enjoyed as well as the standard of the completed vessel.”

The Global Mercy has been built on behalf of the charity Mercy Ships which via hospital ships, provides free medical care and expands local healthcare capacity for the world’s most vulnerable human beings. The ships are staffed by volunteers from around 60 countries. The Global Mercy is the first of the charity’s ships to have been designed and built specifically for their needs. Previous ships have been converted into hospital ships.

With the Global Mercy, their capacity to provide help is more than doubled. The new ship will come alongside the Africa Mercy, in operation since 2007. With both ships in service, Mercy Ships expects to conduct more than 5,000 operations each year, treat over 28,000 dental patients and train more than 2,800 local healthcare staff.

In Rotterdam, final outfitting is underway ahead of Global Mercy’s departure for Dakar in Senegal. 

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