TRACE e-Gov Portal reduces bribery demands

"By taking advantage of e-services, businesses can dramatically reduce their exposure to bribe demands."

TRACE, the world’s leading anti-bribery standard setting organization, has launched a new online tool, the TRACE e-Gov Portal.  The portal includes a comprehensive collection of links to country-level e-government services and resources of interest to businesses and their employees.
As the only global e-government directory, the TRACE e-Gov Portal makes these resources easily available to companies doing business worldwide and promotes governments’ efforts to streamline the provision of administrative services over the internet.
“The sheer number of interactions a company has with public officials drives up the risk of bribe demands,” according to TRACE President Alexandra Wrage.
“As more government services become available online, the need for such face-to-face interactions is reduced. By taking advantage of e-services, businesses can dramatically reduce their exposure to bribe demands.”
Using the TRACE e-Gov Portal is easy, with a straightforward English-language interface that allows users to browse either by country or by category.
The portal provides specific information regarding what links are available for each of the more than 90 countries currently in the database, and includes links to 15,000 government webpages covering areas such as procurement, customs and trade, immigration and travel, utilities, and tax.
The links are classified into categories and subcategories, providing users with ready access to the services they need across multiple jurisdictions from Albania to Uzbekistan. The site is designed with flexibility to allow the addition of new links as new e-government services are developed.
Given the evolving nature of e-government, TRACE welcomes updates and other feedback from national government agencies that wish to publicize the availability of their online services.
They are grateful to the countries that have reached out to provide TRACE with a roadmap to their online services, emphasizing their commitment to offer and promote e-government resources.

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