Why Beach Clean-Up Is A Fallacy In Malaysia

Eliminating the problem of plastic pollution in Malaysia starts from the source, with manufacturers, waste management and recycling services.

Marine debris endangers marine life and the mangroves along the coastline of Fort Supai in Malaysia are deteriorating.

Similar to an overflowing sink, Malaysia should turn off the tap for marine debris before it endangers marine life. The most efficient way to reduce marine plastic pollution is to focus on the source, rather than relying on beach clean-up events that are not sustainable. This will help eliminate the problem from its roots.

The historic Fort Supai is situated where the Linggi River and the Straits of Malacca meet. During low tides, saltwater inundates the area from the sea. Conversely, when high tide occurs, not only does freshwater flow in from the Linggi and Rembau rivers upstream, but also marine debris. 

During a conversation with Maritime Fairtrade, Harris Raj Kumar, a staunch environmentalist and nature conservation advocate, stated: “The mangroves along the coastline near Fort Supai are deteriorating, causing concern due to the environmental damage caused by marine debris.”

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