Zaitoun advocates environmental protection for maritime industry

"I’m here today at summit to emphasise the importance of environmental efficiency especially for cargo owners."

Mohammed Zaitoun, president and CEO of Zaitoun Green Shipping, said: “Our world-changing mission is to leverage our technical knowledge and vast experience to safeguard all life and property at sea.”
This is done through innovation that revitalises the maritime vessel industry and reduces environmental footprint of all projects.
Dubai-based Zaitoun Green Shipping recently participated in the second edition of the “Malta Maritime Summit”.
Zaitoun added: “I’m here today at summit to emphasise the importance of environmental efficiency especially for cargo owners. We aim at creating high utilisation eco-efficient vessels to be the pinnacle of the shipping industry.”

Technology is key differentiator

“Technology is a key differentiator when it comes to achieving greater efficiency and maximising performance on large merchant vessels. The future will be promising for those who are willing to invest heavily in R&D to find innovative solutions that deliver a competitive edge,” he said.
Most importantly, shipping causes serious risks to the environment. Certainly, dredging shipping channels, spread of marine pests around the world, and pollution cause damages.
According to EU, international shipping contributes 2.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions annually. EU predicts emissions to rise between 50 and 250% by 2050.
Therefore, Zaitoun confirmed: “IMO plays a vital role in protecting the marine environment worldwide. We assure that our innovative technology solutions shall crucially contribute to protecting the marine environment.
“Moreover, our smart solutions will facilitate complying with the IMO regulations. We prioritise driving sustainability for the environment whilst assuring profitable gains and business growth for our partners.
“This is a very important signal that the maritime community is taking seriously its role in global efforts to strengthen environmental efficiency for vessels. Eco-efficient vessels demand a premium price at new build stage, are more likely to be chartered, maintain asset value over time, and have a longer lifespan.
“Efficient vessels have an enhanced marketability as well as a higher revenue potential for the ship owner and thus a more favourable risk profile for financiers.
Credit: Trade Arabia News Service

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