ZIM, Frontline join fight against corruption in shipping sector

"Corruption is a real threat to the people who work on our ships and it damages our business and reputation."

With the recent additions of ZIM and Frontline, the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) now has memberships of over 100 companies across the maritime sector.
MACN Programme Director, Cecilia Müller Torbrand, said: “Corruption is a real threat to the people who work on our ships and it damages our business and reputation. MACN has received over 25,000 anonymous reports of corrupt demands to-date. Only last year MACN received over 260 anonymous incident which were directly related to the safety of crew.

Say no

She said corruption is a problem that is too often excused as being too hard to solve.  Too often, people have explained it away by saying it is the way things have always been done.  Certainly, the shipping industry is not alone in facing this enormous problem.  However, MACN has shown unparalleled leadership in spearheading business-led anti-corruption efforts.
“The stronger our membership, the greater the impact of our collective actions. Shipping companies, working together to refuse corrupt demands, have undertaken projects in Nigeria, Argentina, Indonesia, and Egypt.
“Our ‘Say No’ campaign in the Suez has been a particular success. This has shown that as an industry we can fight corruption and win. And we can do this better than anyone.”
MACN’s members represent a major percentage of the global world fleet by tonnage.  Therefore, they play a key role in ocean transport and global logistics.
MACN Chair, John Sypnowich, noted the symbolic significance of this milestone for the organization: “As an industry led organization, we have strength in numbers.
“By having more and more companies join our cause, we have a better and better chance of making a difference and eliminating all forms of corruption.  Together, as an industry, we are taking a stand.”
MACN, established in 2011, is an industry-led collective action initiative.  Its mission is to stamp out corruption in the maritime industry and to promote inclusive trade.
Since its inception, MACN has become a preeminent industry-led network taking tangible collective action to eliminate corruption.
Therefore, by working in partnership with the industry, governments, and civil society, it has been successful in tackling corruption.  These solutions include country-specific actions in locations as diverse as Nigeria, Indonesia, Egypt, and Argentina.

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