90% of end-of-life vessels dismantled at Bangladesh, India, Pakistan

674 ocean-going commercial ships and offshore units were sold to scrap yards in 2019. 469 were broken down on only three beaches in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, amounting to about 90% of the gross tonnage dismantled globally. Yet, these three countries have the worst safety record.

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top view of cargo ship with intermodal

Corruption still a serious problem in Asia

Many countries see economic openness as a way forward, however, governments across the region continue to restrict participation in public affairs, silence dissenting voices and keep decision-making out of public scrutiny.

Abandoned seafarers still in limbo

10 Kenyan seafarers flew out to Mozambique in August to board a ship on a long voyage to Iran. Four months down the line, the 10 crew members are still in the port of Pemba, Mozambique, apparently abandoned by their employer.

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The Problem.

Over 90 percent of the global trade is carried across ocean. However, the maritime industry is also prone to rampant corruption.