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Why is the shipping industry corrupted?

Lee Kok Leong, our special correspondent, talks to Alexandra Wrage, president and founder of TRACE, who has provided anti-bribery consulting or training in over 120 countries.

COVID-19: The new Chernobyl

Some Chinese citizens are comparing their government’s initial delayed response to the outbreak with the Chernobyl disaster.

EU arrests 59 fuel fraudsters

Law enforcement authorities from 23 EU Member States struck a blow at organized crime groups involved in fuel fraud by arresting 59 individuals in a year-long operation.

We stand united against corruption.

The cost of corruption is huge and we believe that Legal Trade is Profitable Trade.
criminal cyber caught by security interpol with assault rifle and light shining on hacker with arms raised in front of computer screens and laptop

INTERPOL identifies key cyberthreats in Southeast Asia

Belonging to one of the fastest-growing digital economies in the world, member countries in the ASEAN region experienced a significant amount of cybercrime, ranging from massive data breaches, crippling ransomware attacks and the meteoric rise in cryptojacking.

The Problem.

Over 90 percent of the global trade is carried across ocean. However, the maritime industry is also prone to rampant corruption.